North West Twelve-Bell Striking Competition

for the Westminster Shield                                                                                                                                                               

2020 Competition

The 2020 competition was held on Saturday 25th January 2020 at St Michaels & All Angels Church, Macclesfield.

Five bands took part ringing 240 Original Maximus


12345   5   6   7


53241   -    -   3 

54321        -   2


2 part.

The competition was won by Liverpool.


1st - 78% Liverpool (rung 1st)
2nd - 77% Deva (rung 2nd)
3rd - 74% Chester (rung 5th)
4th - 69% Macclesfield B (rung 3rd)
5th - (no score) Macclesfield A (rung 4th)

Congratulations Liverpool and everyone else who took part.

Chief judge: Stuart Hutchieson

Assistant judges: Elizabeth Hutchieson & Kit Bardsley

Team 1

This team made a purposeful start having made good use of the practice. There was a tendency for small bells to spread out when they came together at the front and back of the change. This resulted in the back bells spreading out the back of the change. Peal speed 3hr 37m


Team 2

This team seemed to have the tactic of rushing the ringing along, which resulted in several clips in the early leads until it gradually improved after halfway. What faults there were, were always single faults, which unfortunately accrued consistently through the test piece, despite a good overall impression. Peal speed 3hr 21m


Team 3

This piece had a slightly shaky start, which took a little while to settle down. As the band approached the 2nd course end they seemed to hit their ideal rhythm and there were several clean rows together. A method mistake in the 4th course destabilised the ringing, although it was recovered from, the ringing didn’t return to its previous standard until close to the end. Peal speed 3hr 32m.


Team 4

The back bells set a good framework, which was increasingly accepted by the rest of the team. This was another team whose 2nd course end coincided with their best ringing. However, a mistake occurred near the halfway point, which initially seemed to be getting sorted, but sadly didn’t prove to be the case.


Team 5

We felt that the tenor was very well rung and provided a clear direction to the ringing. The leading was inconsistent at times, with wide backstrokes upsetting the rhythm. There were clear patches of ringing but faults were accrued fairly consistently throughout.

1   Claire A Mitchell
2   Lee Pinnington
3   Sophie M Middleton
4   B Haley Barnett
5   Daniel R Jarvis
6   David T G Jones
7   Joanne L Wood
8   Colin Woods (C)
9   Luke D Marshall
10 Stephen R Aldridge
11 Matthew D Warburton
12 Lenard J Mitchell

1 Paul B Hunter

2 Jack R Bendrey

3 Carrie L Hyde

4 Andrew J Rawlinson

5 David J G Jones

6 Joanne L Dowson

7 Randle T J Tinkler

8 Ben Kellet

9 Steven Stoker

10 Thomas D Miles

11 Simon Christian

12 Peter L Furniss

1 Helen Foster

2 Sarah Jacot

3 Mel Curwen

4 Jeff Brannan

5 Andrew Tyler

6 Charlie Seddon

7 Kevin Rogers

8 David Friend (C )

9 Ben Curwen

10 Mark Jacot

11 Stephen Aldridge

12 Trevor Marchbank

1 Anne Orme

2 Kath Hinchliffe

3 Carol Marchbank

4 Christine Broadley

5 David Friend

6 Nina Brannan

7 Mark Jacot

8 Stephen Aldridge

9 Mel Curwen

10 Trevor Marchbank  (C )

11 Andrew Mayes

12 Jeff Brannan

1 Fiona Harrison

2 Carrie L Hyde

3 Jennifer M Christian

4 Paul B Hunter

5 Simon Christian

6 Malcolm H Joyce

7 Helen S Mitchell

8 Jack S Ninnes

9 Ben Kellet

10 Jack R Bendrey

11 Peter W H Barker

12 Andrew J Rawlinson

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